Funeral Home Records

The Funeral Home Records were donated to WAGS from Jones & Jones Funeral Home, Eldon Hawkins Director, when it merged with Betts Funeral Home of Wenatchee. This has been a seven year project of archiving and indexing the records. There are over 27,000 records which include the years 1906-2001 for Jones & Jones of Wenatchee, Kuelbs or Braun of Cashmere, Waterville of Waterville and a few Wards of Leavenworth. The records may include just the funeral card with/without parents, etc. Other records may include death certificates, obituaries, gift lists, military records, etc. There is a small $6.00 fee for non-members ($4.00 fee for members) per record to help cover our costs of the archiving, copying and mailing. Select this link to "REQUEST RECORD FOR FUNERAL HOME", or click on menu at left.
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