WAGS Digital Access

Members have access to the digital equipment in the WAGS Library Family Room:

  • Wednesdays, each week
  • 01:00 to 03:30 pm
  • 127 South Mission Street, Wenatchee - WAGS Library Family Room

Hank LuBean will assist WAGS Members interested in scanning & digitizing their documents, etc. If you are interested, please email library@wags-web.org Attn: Hank to set up an appointment; or, drop-in on Wednesdays during the hours. Appointments are priority.

See information and pricing below:

Organize and Protect oversize photos and newspapers!

  • Member benefit: 1 hour of individual help to digitize items.
  • Individual small photos/scanning and printing each $.25 for black/white; $.50 for color
  • Specialty image capturing - 8 1/2 x 11 ($2); 8 1/2 x 14 ($3) and 11 x 17 ($5)
  • Larger projects - Contact library@wags-web.org for estimates by Digital Committee.
    • (Approximate $13 for first hour and $7 per hour after that.)
  • Digitizing is for members only at the Digital Access Center in the WAGS Library.
  • All personal scanning must be downloaded to a member furnished flash drive.