Wenatchee Area Genealogical Society
Anne's New Genealogists - Oct 18
Members of the New Genealogists Class
WAGS Library 10:00 - 12:00
Reply Yes at  library@wags-web.org for Sign-up
See b) & c) below:
Thursday the 18th of October will be a personal research help day.  This is a time when you can come with a question for your own research like “where do I find?”  “what should I do next?” “I can’t find him on the census” or anything else that you feel is keeping you from finding the next thing in your research.

Depending on how many interested people there are time could be an issue so Anne is asking for class members to do the following:

a)       Let WAGS know you will be attending.

b)      Think about what you want to ask and email your question to Anne ahead of time at mizliv@yahoo.com – in the subject line put something like WAGS genealogy so she won't miss it!

c)      Include the names of the people you are after, approx. dates and where they were and what it is you want that you can’t find. (Email Anne at above address [b)

This will allow some time for her to think about a best plan of action for you and use the limited time more wisely when we meet. (Class Members Only)