February Theme - "Genealogists Love Celebrations"
WAGS Library will be showcasing our library holdings of marriages, anniversaries, and celebrations. We will also be hosting a workshop on finding those records in our library and on the Internet. Please see "links" below to receive information in these areas.
Webinars on Searching for Marriages
  1. How to Find Marriage Records on Ancestry.com     This is a series of videos
Genealogy 102 - Finding Those Records - marriages, anniversaries, celebrations
  • "Genealogists Love Celebrations"  Feb 15th 10:00 - 12:00 am  WAGS Genealogy Library 127 S. Mission St. WVMCC Annex Bldg
    • Guests - $5.00, Members - Free
    • If you wish to attend, please respond to library@wags-web.org with your name, phone #, and email.
    • There is limited space - FIRST SIGNED UP GET THE SPOTS.
    • We have hard-copy & Internet resources.
  • Two hour workshop on searching for marriages, anniversaries, celebrations:
    • instructions on where to search
    • internet access & sites
    • library access
    • Librarians will be available to help you research marriages & anniversaries.