AppleSox game will celebrate two iconic coyotes

                       By Lynda Pheasant

          Wenatchee Area Genealogical Society

         As seen in the July 14 Wenatchee World:


Many years ago, two coyote brothers were romping the hillsides around Wenatchee.  Playing hide and seek, the twins exuberantly worked their way into the mountain heights, losing track of time and place.  The coyote youngsters were lost – neither twin could find tracks made by the other brother.

Before long, one of the youngsters was found by a coach hiking in the high hills, and taken to a beautiful ballpark in the city to spend his days.  The other coyote was eventually rescued by a librarian and taken to Wenatchee just in time for presentations of the first Art on the Avenues.  The Coyote was shaped into a new role, creating within him a voracious appetite for reading.  He eagerly devoured a book of poetry by Blue Flute, and read whatever else he could get his hands on, most often a candy wrapper.

After many years of sitting on the steps of the Museum Annex Building, in 2016, the Wenatchee Area Genealogical Society officially adopted WAGS Coyote as its mascot.  No more reading just a candy wrapper – this astute WAGS Coyote became a genealogist.  He researched books, maps and even census records, and inquired of all the people he greeted at the Genealogy Library if they might know about his brother.  At last WAGS Coyote located his brother at the AppleSox ballpark in Wenatchee!

The ballgame on Sunday, July 23 is celebrating their reunion!  You are invited to join in this celebration at Paul Thomas S. Field as the Coyote mascots make history!  The game starts at 6:05 p.m.  Cheers to AppleSox Coyote and WAGS Coyote!