Wenatchee Area Genealogical Society

Instructions - Using Database Task Bar

Following are instructions on how to use our database indexes for searching, sorting, and printing:
 The "slider" on the left allows you to move through the database record by record. Grab the blue handle and slide it to the right or left. You can also click on the arrow to move to next record. The number on the right of slider shows the number of records in the database. Once you have searched, it will display the number of "found" records to the left of the "total" records.
  This middle section of the task bar hilights when you are doing a search. If your search ("find" and "perform find") is not successful, you can click on "New Request" to enter another search request.
 The right section of the task bar allows you to search "Find" records. When you click on it you will see "fields" in which you can type your request.
 Once you have typed your request (surname, given name), the "Find" changes to "Perform Find". Click on the "Perform Find" and the results should show.
 To "Sort", follow the instructions below.
You can "Sort" multiple records using the "Sort" button on the task bar. Double click or "Move" the fields over in the order you want to sort. You can sort in multiple or single fields.
To Print Found Records use your printer options or you can "Right Click" on the found set and select "Print" to print.
When you are finished with the database, please click on the "Show All" button on the UPPER TASK BAR.